Vladimir Putin

Goodeve, A.S.

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Tracing the history of that portion of the Dominion known as Canada's Pacific Province, beginning with the Treaty of Oregon in 1846. The promise of a transcontinental railway to convince British Columbia to join Confederation. Nature's splendid gifts to British Columbia. A physical and geographical description of British Columbia. The trade of two continents which passes through the Province. Climate. Education facilities. Natural resources. Agricultural lands. Mines and mining. Fisheries. Game. Railways and railways under construction. British Columbia's imports. Bank clearings. Stocks. Imports. The value of inter-provincial trade. The people of British Columbia. Time for Canada to stop and take stock, to learn lessons from the other nations of the world, to sift our immigration more carefully. Urging us to grow more slowly but more soundly in the development of Canada. A heritage to care for. The question of merging our nationhood into the nation to the south of us. The question of Canada's future.