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Kisch, Colonel Frederick H.

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The speaker no longer in the British service, but in Palestine as a Jew engaged in the task of establishing the Jewish National Home in Palestine, under the auspices of the British Mandate. Some highlights of Palestine today, and some indication of how the finished picture will be if hopes are realized. Some political and historical background. The importance of the British mandate from the British imperial point of view. The geographical position of Palestine and its significance. The control of approaches to the Suez Canal by land from the east by Palestine. The significance of Palestine for development of air routes. The construction of a harbour at Haifa, connected by rail with Bagdad about to begin. The possibility of a pipe line from the oil fields to Haifa. Changed conditions in Egypt. Terms of the Balfour Declaration with regard to Jewish rights in Palestine. A definition of Zionism. What Zionism is trying to create today in Palestine. The development of agricultural life, and new social forms. The development of industries. Some words about the Arabs of Palestine. Jewish cultural revival in Palestine. A remarkable archaeological find which occurred just before the speaker left Palestine. The Jews painting a picture in Palestine, while Great Britain holds the picture frame. An expression of gratitude to the British people.