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Reference to the speech by the Hong Kong Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development and its relevance to the current address. Aviation representing a snapshot of the world's economic health at any given moment and how that is so. Cathay Pacific as the largest Asian airline in Canada. The playing field. Some facts and figures about Cathay Pacific. The current economic situation for the airline industry, with some figures. How airlines are of economic importance. Problems with subsidies. A snapshot of Cathay Pacific Airways. The Canadian perspective. Cathay Pacific as part of the Swire group. The role of the Swire group in Cathay Pacific's growth. Recent expansion. The approach needed to unlock potential in China. An upcoming anniversary for the Airline. Reciprocal investment and business opportunities opening up. How aviation is linked to successful world cities. Staying ahead of the competition. Major issues for international airlines. Determining flying rights - historically and currently and the consequences of same. The current attitude toward aviation infrastructure in Canada. The need for the federal government to take a long, hard, pragmatic look at the real economic impact of using airports as a rental revenue stream and why that is necessary. Canada's choices. Confidence in the future of the aviation industry.