Vladimir Putin

Hughes, James L.

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The National School System as one of the greatest gifts that America gave to the world. The lesson learned by the state that it is wise to aid men in getting an education in order that they may be able more effectively to do their work of leadership in the nation. The conclusion reached in Germany that every man who works in any department of trade should have, at the expense of the state, a more thorough training, a more advanced education. Details of that system. The attitude that every working man should be helped to become the best working-man possible. Benefits to the state. The importance of organizing our young men and young women so that they get training after they leave school. Manufacturing from our raw materials not for own people alone, but for people all over the world. The issue of trade schools in Canada. Advances made in school work over the last 13 years in England. Interest in technical education as it has developed in England. Good results from money expended for technical education in England. Some curriculum details. Care taken in regard to the physical life of the young people in the schools in Europe. Suggestions for more swimming baths in Toronto. The suggestions to appoint a special physical instructor given by the speaker to the Board of Education and their response to it. The time past when the mere storing of the mind with Grammar, Arithmetic, History, etc. should be regarded as the main essential element in the education of a child. Playgrounds in Toronto. The unique element of gardening in England and Wales. Practical advantages of such a programme. The increase in manual training in England over the last 5-10 years. Programmes in the girls' schools in England.