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Nixon, The Hon. Robert

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club of Toronto. Ontario's fiscal position and economic projections in the Budget. Some budget and spending details. Concern over the rate of growth. Prediction of reduction in real growth with a levelling out. Paying the bills. Paying down the debt. No general increases in taxation. Decreases in taxation. Designing programs to made Ontario an attractive place for capital to be committed. Operating surplus. Strengthening social programs and providing an infrastructure. Changes in revenue over the course of this government's mandate. Advantages of a balanced budget. Some remarks about the Ontario economy, and the Ontario economy in comparison with that of other provinces. An outline of the considerations that led to the conclusion that moderate interest rate easing is likely over the remainder of the year. The view that inflation is improving and why. The confidence of the Treasurer of the provincial government that there will be slow, measurable, real growth in Ontario. Maintaining that growth.