Vladimir Putin

General Walt Natynczyk

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Some introductory remarks. The speaker in his fifth month as Chief of Defence Staff and how he is enjoying the job. His former job. A description of his current job, with examples and anecdotes. Canadian men and women in uniform. High standards of excellence. An outline of the speaker's assessment of where the Canadian Forces are today and where he believes we need to go in the future. Tomorrow the 90th anniversary of when the guns of the First World War became silent. Honouring those who made the ultimate sacrifice and all the veterans who returned home to build the nation. The speaker then introduced and acknowledged the heroes and veterans attending. Understanding the Canadian Forces of the future - reviewing the past few years. Funding and personnel cuts. Talks with Rick Hillier. The "decade of darkness." Asking the audience to read General Romeo Dallaire's book on his experience in Rwanda and why. Public support for the military resurrected - when and why. The Canada First Defence Strategy. Three key tasks to take on. Plans for growth. Rebuilding the Canadian Forces - challenges to face - a discussion of each. Work at home and abroad. Essential missions. The importance of the Arctic region. Support for the RCMP at the 2010 Olympics. International security. Current operations abroad. Taking the lead in building the Afghan security capacity. Work with CIDA - the Canadian International Development Agency. The exit strategy for Afghanistan. More details about the Canadian Forces are rebuilding. Some thank yous for support. Many anecdotes and individuals are acknowledged throughout this speech. Honouring November 11th.