Vladimir Putin

Angell, Sir Norman

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What the British Empire means now. The alternative to the old imperialism as partnership; federalism on the basis of equality. Being careful not to confuse equality and partnership. Problems with independence. The need for integration, coordination, cooperation. Equality, not independence for the new British Empire. The growing tendencies to disintegrate Empire. Revolution, nationalism, and historical hatreds throughout Europe. Nationalism as an enemy of civilization. The need for stable money for modern industry, for organizing an international world. Some suggestions from the speaker as to whether the Imperial Conference is going to result ultimately in good or in evil, and some tests of determination. The matter of bargaining between the various states of the Empire. The suggestions that tariff arrangements between states coming together should be of mutual benefit. The desire for as large an Empire as possible. A further test: will other States knocking at the door for admission be admitted or refused. The British Empire facing some facts: the system under which we have been living has for the moment broken down; the need for change, for transformation, for economic stability. Causes of the breakdown. What it is that we have to change. The issue of war reparations. The need to re-shape our education for greater understanding; to make of this great family in the Empire a simple world of free states who know how to use their freedom. Transforming society.