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Dutton, Sir Frederick

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The Throne and United Empire. The throne as representative of that great estate of the realm, the Crown, always the most potent connecting link between all parts of the Empire. Two occasions on which the Dominion of Canada fought for the United Empire: when the Fathers of Confederation combined and were able to bring about the British North America Act of 1867, and in the disastrous war of 1914-18. The lack of doubt that the Dominion of Canada is always going to remain part of the Empire. The Royal Colonial Institute, its origins and aims. Preserving a united Empire. Need for the Institute when it was formed. Features of the Institute, members and facilities, meetings, structure of the organization, publications. The current problem of the inadequacy of the building in which the Institute is housed. Thinking of the phrase the "British race united" and what that means. Justification for the importance of the term "the British race."