Vladimir Putin

Apponyi, His Excellency, Count Albert

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The speaker's nation occupying one of the most strategic points in the permanent struggle of the forces that work for progress, for civilization, for advance as against those forces which draw humanity backwards. Placed on a debatable ground between two types of culture; the higher Western type and the lower Eastern type. An assertion that Hungary played no mean part in the saving of Europe. Having much in common in our own mentality, in our own psychological position, with the two great branches of the Anglo-Saxon race. Two documents as titles of glory for Hungary which express the sense of fairness, and that sense which has something of the sporting spirit in it. Joining hands again for those great common aims of humanity which are the aims towards which every nation should tend in its own interest. Putting an end to war, preventing future wars. Hungary giving to people of Eastern culture those democratic institutions borrowed from the West. Hungary as the only country which has been inspired by those ideas, the only one to inbibe them, the only one which has made them part of their organism in the Eastern part of Europe. The wave of reaction that has recently passed over Hungary: explaining and understanding it. Hungary returning to normal conditions of life. Making a new stand for democracy. Why democracy is in peril. Words and commentary on the peace treaties. The law of national security and how it operates. The result of the peace treaties as the logical outcome of the fact that they have not been concluded in a spirit of peace and compromise. The constructions of the peace treaty not based on a cool consideration of facts and of natural principles of political construction. Some illustrative examples. Questions of reparation and disarmament. Peace treaties which continue the maintenance of two categories of nations. Illustrating, with Hungary as an example, the meaning of the statement that the peace treaties have not based their constructions on the national law of political construction. Hungary representing the claims of superior culture, the claims of history, the claims of the natural laws of geographic and economic unity, and the claims of the will of the nations concerned.