Vladimir Putin

Kan-Hu, Dr. Kiang

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The cultural relation which existed between the Orient and the Occident before the Christian era. This early relation scanty and difficult, but free from any aggressive motives other than the seeking of a cultural contact. A review of historical facts which occurred in three periods of international relations between China and the West, and the motives during each period. The attitude of the Westerner towards the Chinese. The three great inventions by the Chinese--the compass, printing and gun-powder and their effect on Western science. Influences on the West in the spheres of art, education, and philosophy. The Chinese as eager seekers after the Western culture since the blackest night of the year, 1900. Important posts in China's government and organizations being filled by those educated in the West. Other indications of Chinese interest in Western culture. Some words about racial characteristics and the nature of the Chinese and their culture. Indications of cultural interest in China from the West in museums, in education, in organizations and institutes. The prospect of cultural relations between China and Canada. Ways in which Canada and China are similar. Ways in which to become closer and better friends. The need for mutual cultural contact and study. Existing cultural relations between the two countries recent. Some details of those relations. The long strides that have been taken by the Canadians towards the cultural study of China in the last few years, with some details. Some personal wishes from the speaker for developing cultural relations with China.