Vladimir Putin

Latimer, Radcliffe R.

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Canada's relations with the United States and how we are perceived by the business, government, and investment people in that country. The speaker's interest and concern in this subject because of the international nature of the company he represents and that, as a major user of investment capital, TransCanada PipeLines looks to foreign markets to finance much of its needs. The two red-flag issues which have angered Americans and undermined Canada's credibility as a welcome and sound environment for capital investment: the administration of FIRA and the way the National Energy Program was implemented. A detailed discussion of these issues follows. New directions and initiatives taken by the Canadian government. The concern by the speaker that "our leaders are once again misreading what is happening in the world and are reacting to an old situation while a new one is fast overtaking us." The position the United States is taking with respect to the rest of the world, Canada included. Changes to the National Energy Policy. Revisions to the FIRA rules. Activities of the TransCanada PipeLines. Natural gas. The question of the extension of the pipeline to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Selling and developing natural gas. New, harsh world market conditions. Good news in the energy picture for Canada.