Vladimir Putin

Curtis, Lionel

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The background of the Pacific Conference, and how it came about that the speaker and other members of the Conference are on their way there. The Conference origins in 1925 in Honolulu and following history. The Peace Conference of 1919 in Paris. The necessity of getting a history of the Peace Conference written: the foundation of the Institute of International Affairs in Paris. The constitution of this Institute. Now the Royal Institute of International Affairs. The fundamental principle that the Institute as such can express no opinion whatever on any question of policy. Relations of a Canadian Institute and an Australian Institute to the Institute in London. Housing the Institute in St. James' Square. The donation of Chatham House as the centre of this movement for research into imperial and international affairs from Col. Leonard. A Royal Charter conferred on the Institute. Leadership under the Prince of Wales. The system of obtaining current information. The invitation from President Hoover in 1927. A description of the process and report on foreign policy with regard to the Far East by the Institute, and the American reaction to it. The effects on the Chinese of the declaration of December, 1926. Some more words about Chatham House.