Vladimir Putin

Charest, The Honourable Jean

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The upcoming election about who has a new vision for the future of Canada and a plan to take us there; about choices and the new approaches we need to take as a nation to secure a successful and prosperous future in the new global economy; about restoring a national government with the creativity to set clear direction and the will to lead this country in the race to the next century; about the difference between staying the course and setting the course. The election platform unveiled by the speaker in Toronto three weeks ago and the vision it presents. A list of the plan's choices for Canada with regard to employment, tax, health and education, securing the future of the CPP. Getting government right today; changing what we expect of government; understanding the challenges of the emerging global economy and their impact on our competitiveness and trade. The results of an overtaxed and stagnant economy. A priority to create new jobs for Canadians. A list of measures to do so. A challenge to Mr. Martin. Making tough choices about federal programme spending. The issue of inter-provincial trade. Changes in immigration regulations. Failure of vision and planning by the present Federal Government. Problems in opting for the quick fix. Ways in which the speaker's government would provide leadership with regard to the quality of our education. Concern about the future of health care in Canada. A description of the speaker's party plan to address these concerns. Canadian federalism, our political, economic and social union in serious need of repair. The speaker's vision of federalism. Three objectives of a new Canadian covenant. The speaker's response to Mr. Martin's criticism of platform numbers. An assurance that the assumptions and projections are as cautious and prudent as they can be. What the speaker's party offers to Canadians.