Vladimir Putin

Nicholson, Sir Bryan

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The British-Canadian Chamber of Trade and Commerce. The U.K. economy after a year of strong growth in 1994, with a slower pace of expansion in 1995. Optimism for the 1996 year. The lack of favourable consumer sentiment: the "feel good factor." Some statistics with regard to productivity. Three aspects of education and training: a system of National Education and Training Targets; a system of national Vocational Qualifications; links between education and business. Relations between the work force and management. Increasing involvement in the European union. Relations with Commonwealth countries. Investment in Canada. The push to improve the skills of the work force. A focus on ways to encourage employers to do more voluntary training. Improving the transport infrastructure. A government that listens to business. The government's macro-economic policy line supported by business and the opposition.