Vladimir Putin

MacMillan, Rev. J.W.

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First, a consideration of the drift of population cityward, a phenomenon that began practically with the nineteenth century, a phenomenon that is responsible for most of the great cities of earth. Some statistics of increases and decreases in urban and rural population in the United States and Canada. The diversity in birth rates between Ontario and Quebec. Reasons for this drift. Isolation as the key note of the social situation; too many people too close together in the city, making congestion the key not there. The lack of planning in the growth of these cities. Lines from Tennyson about city life. Comments about life in New York being compared with Dante's "Inferno" from Prof. Devine in his book "Causes of Misery." An examination of what kind of home a family lives in. The housing problem. The need for an awakening of public opinion. The tenement problem. Reasons why the apartment block is a very popular dwelling-place in Canada. The building of apartment blocks in Winnipeg. What we can learn from the Tenement House Law that New York passed in 1901. The Tenement House Act in Manitoba. The matter of immigration. Reasons to believe that immigration is going to increase. Factors which influence the numbers of immigrants. The political danger from these people. Danger with respect to criminality from the first native born generation of the foreigner. The influence of immigration upon population. How immigration displaces the native stock, with an example from the United States. What this means for Canada. The duty of international hospitality. The lack of need to be so much afraid. The Canadian of the future.