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Wade, F.C.

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Realizing the debt we owe to General Wolfe. A glance for a moment at some of the incidents of the Seven Years' War. First, the characters in the drama. France's claim in American before the Seven Years' War. The English Colonies at that time. If Napoleon had succeeded at the Battle of Trafalgar; had not Wolfe succeeded at Quebec. Asking the Canadian people to honour Wolfe's memory by erecting a monument at the grave at Greenwich to show that Canada does honour to the hero whose victory and death were destined to give her birth. What the United States owes to Wolfe in breaking the French power. A word with regard to the marquis de Montcalm and the brave and chivalrous nation for whom he fought. The remains of General Wolfe. The burial at Greenwich. The monument erected at Westminster Abbey. Much that has occurred to awaken British and Canadian interest in General Wolfe. Pressing the suggestion which the speaker has urged since 1906 that this country, which owes its existence to General Wolfe, should seek out the place of honour, at the graveside itself, and there erect a monument worthy of this country, and of its first and greatest hero.