Vladimir Putin

Beaton, John W.

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Reference to the speaker's recent trip around the world, coming into contact with some of the great influences which are playing upon the nations of the world today. The sense of impending tragedy in the world today. Canada's stake in the Far East. Trade relations between Canada and the Far East. Why China has surrendered to Japan. A plea for a better understanding of China. Some of the problems confronting China, which are in very considerable measure responsible for the helplessness which led to surrender to Japan: the depression; the extraordinary policy of the Roosevelt Administration with respect to silver; the great recurring floods that the Chinese Government has to deal with year after year; the struggle that is on in the Republic today by the nationalist Government with respect to Communism. Time as the greatest asset China has in her fight for sovereignty. Betting on China in the long run. Three immediate consequences to the world of the possible disintegration of China: a total dislocation of world trade with China; the end of any hope of securing any return from foreign funds invested in China; making quite impossible the position of the foreign population in Shanghai. The present situation in Japan. A description of modern Japanese life. Achievements of the Japanese Government. Problems of Japan: the fear of Russia; population and food supplies; structural defects in her government which enables the military group in effect to act independently of the Diet. Hope for the situation with respect to Japan lying with the moderate group in the country. Contrasts between the Japanese idea or policy of colonial administration and that of Great Britain. A few words about Russia. Political suppression. The idea of world revolution. The world at a great turning point in its history. Three alternatives for mankind: Bolshevism; Nationalism; Internationalism.