Vladimir Putin

Warburton, Major Eliot

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Deep appreciation for the benefactions of Canadians to Great Britain. Strong links forged by Canada's fighting forces in the United Kingdom, with some anecdotes and examples. The great and difficult responsibility of the press, radio and films as the chief channels of information about current events. Achieving a balance in public opinion. The need for us to understand each other, know the aims each cherishes, the difficulties to be surmounted and the contributions made to the common cause. The impatience to strike at Hitler's main armies. Some facts and figures about war production. Mastery of the air and mastery of the sea vital to the invasion of Europe. A review of Dunkirk. General Wavell's campaigns in Egypt and Palestine. Holding firm at Malta, Gibraltar and Cyprus. Preparing to guard the oil fields of Persia and Iraq. Aid to Russia. Britain's financial contribution to war factories in the U.S. Casualties, with over 70% of army casualties of the Commonwealth being from the United Kingdom. Other facts and figures of war. The taxes of wartime. The curious, resentful determination that animates our masses in this war, reflected in an anecdote told by the speaker. The social effects of the war in the U.K. The old way of life in the U.K. gone forever. The British people coming closer together over war. Time no longer on our side. The urgency of smashing the Axis quickly before our economies are further strained and before the enemy economy is strengthened. What we of the United Nations are fighting for.