Vladimir Putin

Eliesen, Marc

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club of Toronto. Challenges for the near future: our system is aging, costs are rising, and society expects more of its electrical utilities. A review of the state of Ontario Hydro when the speaker came to it six months previous. Ways of dealing with those challenges. The importance of keeping rates competitive. Major cost-cutting measures. Productivity improvement. Expectations from the public. The 25-year plan: the Demand/Supply Plan. A reevaluation of forecasts and other facts put forward two years ago. The need to revise the 25-year plan. The true costs of making electricity, including environment impact. Goals for the year 2000. Programs and incentives to encourage efficient energy use by customers. Demand management. The search for alternate energy sources. Long-range developments. The gains of lower financial risk, better matching of supply with demand, and smaller environmental impacts. The need to change the manner and the method while doing the same job.

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