Vladimir Putin

Baden-Powell, Lieut.-General Sir R.S.S.

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A suggestion made in the matter of training boys. The success of such a suggestion dependent entirely upon the men in the different centres and the manner in which they handle the work. The boys' ready acceptance for training. A sketch or outline of the scheme: the need; how it may be carried on; the possibilities lying before it in Canada. Scouting from a peace point of view. The aim to cultivate the principles which actuated the pioneers of civilization. The ideal types held up to the lads. Introducing the attributes of frontiersmen and backwoodsmen, tending to make for manliness of character and good citizenship among the boys. Determining the need for such a movement. Ways in which it seems desirable in the Old Country. A school for building character. Traits to be instilled in the boys. Welding together the many different ingredients to be found in Canada to make it a great nation. The spread of the scouting movement throughout the world. The methods by which this training is brought about. How the boys obtain their Scout's badges. The popularity of the scheme with the boys. How the training fits in with other forms, such as those offered by the Boy's Brigade, the Church Lads and the Y.M.C.A. The attitude of the Scout Movement as regards Cadets. The factor of discipline. Good citizenship training. The variety of troops in Scouting. The possibilities of the Scout movement.