Vladimir Putin

Trimble, The Rt. Hon. David

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The political roller coaster of the past six months in Northern Ireland. A brief review of events. The prospect of real peace for the first time in a generation. The difficult summer, culminating in the terrible bomb at Omagh. The qualitative difference in the public reaction to this outrage. Creating a new political landscape in Northern Ireland. Seeing Ulster in miniature in Canada. Reminders of the contribution Ulster people have made to the creation and establishment of Canada. A shared history. Some examples of Ulster contributions. Economic ties between Canada and Northern Ireland, with illustrative examples. Trade and investment in Northern Ireland. Joint ventures. Highlighting investment opportunities in Northern Ireland - opportunities free from past problems and enhanced by a new Agreement. Some key points, along with an offer of stability, investment potential, and prosperity. The lack of any justification, moral or political, for violence. The final hurdle. Commonalities and differences between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Opportunities rather than difficulties. Canada's support for the peace process. An invitation to Northern Ireland.