Vladimir Putin

Curran, J.W. (Jim)

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Early Norse activity about a thousand years ago in America. The significance of this activity. How the speaker became involved in this field of study. Some background history beginning with the Viking age which lasted from about 800 to 1100. The speaker's theory that the Icelandic settlers who went to Greenland were finally starved out of the land, left for James Bay and eventually ended up in Vinland which is the Great Lakes area. Proof for such theory. Word origins and Norse relics. Hudson Bay and James Bay answering better than any location the description in the sagas as to where Vinland was. Locating Leif Ericsson's house at the mouth of the Moose River, for instance, rather than on the Atlantic coast. The "skin boats" seen by Karlsefni. Encounters with Eskimos, but not Indians. Puzzling over the "self sown wheat" that the sagas speak of, and the grapes. An odd thing about the word "Bison." A summation of the evidence.