Vladimir Putin

Schmitz, E. Robert

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France and its contributions, past and present, to the cause of the United Nations, of Democracy, of Freedom and of Decency. An enumeration of questions asked in relation to France, and some facts which are answers by their own nature. These questions, with discussion following each, are: Did French Democracy fail to work and its bad Government of the Third Republic cause the Fall of France in 1940?; Why did the countries of Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Holland, and Belgium fall?; Did the France of 1939-40 possess the same quality of courage and sense of honour that won the world's admiration in 1914-18? A consideration of what has happened in France and in the French Empire since the Armistice of June, 1940. The Resistance. The appeal from General Charles de Gaulle to all Frenchmen. The regrouping of the Free French fighting forces. The message sent back to General de Gaulle. Ways in which France is still united. The underground press. A description of some of the contributions of the Free French to the war effort. The mutual trust and integration of the underground Metropolitan France and the Committee of Liberation. The people of France awaiting three things with equal fervor: the practical and rapid realization of the promise of arms and ammunitions in substantial quantities for the underground; invasion and fighting at the side of the United Nations troops; re-establishment of French Democracy without delays, restoring the French Republic with the help of those who never let her down.