Vladimir Putin

Wemyss and March, The Earl of

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The National Trust for Scotland: a private organization and charity. Concern with the preservation of an important part of the Scottish scene, for the past, and also the present. The special aim to try to bring alive, or keep alive, all that is good and worthy in our past, or at least in the physical, tangible aspects of our past, for purposes up to date and relevant to the needs of this movement. Activities of the National Trust for Scotland. Membership. Seeking public support. Setting an example which, it is hoped, will be followed by others, including corporations, Councils and government. The type of building which is causing the greatest concern at the moment, due to its fragility: the small house architecture of a characteristic Scottish style, dating from the early 18th or 17th centuries. Features to look for. Details of a current project in the central portion of the town of Dunkeld. Keeping an eye on the beautiful country of Scotland, with some specific sites the Trust is hoping will not be marred. The preservation of botanical specimens. The big country houses and gardens. Conditions of preservation. The factor of a family connection, with example; the Castle of Crathes. Details of other country house properties, and gardens. Saving Scotland's national heritage.