Vladimir Putin

Foster, Hon. G.E.

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All we have ever had with reference to the East as little more thorough or more exhaustive than glimpses. The fascination that the East holds for us. From where those glimpses come. The East as the cradle of our race. The East, seeing the advent of those who have founded the four great religious systems of the world, which today embrace within their beliefs the great majority of living people. The East associated with great civilizations and great empires. The East in later periods as a source of renewed interest to Englishmen, and perhaps to Europe generally. Reasons for that renewed interest. Ways in which these countries that were formerly so distant and remote have been brought nearer. Enforcing the lesson that we are neighbours and destined to be still closer neighbours with the peoples of the East. Time that we lost a little of the superabundant pride in ourselves and commenced to seriously study the history, the civilization and the conditions of that great eastern world so that we may better understand the East and rid ourselves of prejudices. The immense trading potential with the East. Some dollar figures as an indicator of that trade. This trade now only just commencing. Population and characteristics differences between the East and the West. Factors to consider for the future. The desirability of actually travelling somewhere in order to understand it better. The attractions and fascinations of the islands of the Pacific. A few words of our sister colon, the great Commonwealth of Australia: population, its strategic geographic position and features, climate, solutions for irrigation, natural resources, etc. Imperial sentiment among the Australians. Differences between Canada and Australia; comparing politics. A description of Hong Kong and Shanghai. Going into the interior of China. The speaker's journey to Canton and a picture of life there. The unremitting and ceaseless toil of the Chinese peasant. Cultivating every inch of soil available. Feeding the Chinese population. A visit to the new Chinese Assembly in Pekin. Rules of assembly. China not yet ready for republican institutions.