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Riddell, Honourable William Renwick

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The importance of the fact that Canada is British, particularly for the future of the English-speaking world. The difference between Canada's people and the people to the south of her as what fixed the destiny of Canada. The lack of explanation as to why the English adventurers, after they had discovered Newfoundland and Labrador, left to the French all the valuable and enticing lands on either side of the St. Lawrence River and Gulf. The English interest, confined to the Atlantic Coast after the second voyage of the Cabots in 1517. The selection of the United States for settlement, leaving to Spain and Portugal the land further south, to France that further north. A review of these and other historical events around the time of the settlement of what is now Quebec and Ontario; a detailed account. The constitutional history of Canada traced elsewhere by the speaker; pointing out here that while arbitrary measures provoked temporary opposition, the main course has been a gradual giving way by the Home Government to the advancing democracy of the Canadian people, until now we have unlimited Home Rule, unlimited control over our own affairs. The Rebellion and its consequences. The curious story of the trade relations between the United States on the one hand and Canada and the Mother country on the other. Words from the speaker from other sources with regard to the Reciprocity Treaty of 1834 and the abrogation of the Reciprocity Treaty. The proposition that Canada should be handed over in payment of Great Britain's debts to the United States. Canada reaction. A summary of the speaker's explanation as to how Canada is British. A response of the "Why?" question going deeper and of the present, not of the past.