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Gardiner, The Hon. James Garfield

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Speaking on the same subject as seven or eight years ago: "The Problems of the West." The problems of 1926-27. The trials and tribulations lived through since that time. Today confronted by the problem as to whether or not people should remain in that section of the country that some seven or eight years ago we considered to be flowing with a wealth that was only suited to a chosen people, or move people out of that area, to go back to the conditions which existed there before our population was brought in. Inspiring confidence in the minds of men who have made investments in that part of the country as to the future. A review in order to understand the geographical structure of Western Canada. A natural condition existing with real definite boundaries to the different areas talked about when speaking of Western Canada. The general climate of the area. Some of the problems we are up against if we are going to change the conditions in Western Canada. Geographical and climactic factors which influence agriculture in the West. Conditions for growing Number 1 hard wheat and how often Western Canada gets those conditions. The difficult years. Some words on Saskatchewan as separated from the other provinces of Western Canada. Settlement in southwestern Saskatchewan. The speaker's belief that it is not a sound policy to think of moving people out of that area. Production problems. The need to study soil conditions. Objectives in taking the land out of cultivation for the purpose of protecting the land round about. The proposal to grow trees in this area. The situation in Cypress Hills. Tree growing encouraged as a matter of improving the conditions around the home, making windbreaks for the gardens, and improving the conditions of living for the individual farmer. The issue of whether or not to build dams. Some words on mixed farming. Encouraging dry farming and reasons for that encouragement. Learning a lesson in economy from the experience of Joseph in Egypt. A look at the national debt. Encouraging investment in Western Canada.