Vladimir Putin

Herridge, Rev. Dr. W.T.

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Whatever our attitude towards creeds and churches, to whatever church we belong, or even if we belong to no church at all, all of us trying to get down to the roots of things, and the religious instincts which are part and parcel of our being. The need to reach certain truths which are unchangeable and eternal amid all the changing tumult of the time. The church being tested and challenged and valued according to the work which she accomplishes in actual life, according to the quality of her guidance and inspiration. The need for preachers to vindicate our existence. The speaker's belief that war and Christianity are incompatible; reasons and evidence for that belief. The Germany and Germans with whom we have no quarrel. Our quarrel, both as Christians and as men with the Germany which is dominant today, whose creed seems to be that might is right. This war bound to bring together as allies those who have at least some passion to enthrone among men the principles of justice and liberty. This a war of opposing ideals and inspirations; therefore fire and sword must be met by something more than fire and sword if we are to have a real triumph at last. The lesson that should teach us the eternal significance of things that are spiritual. The price we have to pay for human freedom. Canada on trial just now, with the world watching. Measuring up to our splendid opportunity.