Vladimir Putin

Manning, Preston

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A first few comments about which newspapers are supporting the Reform Party and which ones might be. The speaker, travelling with a piece of furniture, a seat from the Parliament of Canada and how he is using it to focus the audience's attention on what the election is about. Three important questions which the speaker will address. A concrete plan offered by the Reform Party to do something about the economy and jobs in Canada. Balancing the federal budget. Three ways to use the surpluses. Seven proposals for tax relief as detailed in Reform's Fresh Start Platform. What should be said and done from this seat that will unite Canada for the 21st century. Some comments on the traditional parties and their reluctance to tell the truth to Quebeckers about the consequences of secession. The unity crises. What Reformers believe should be done about the issue of unity. Working towards a positive plan with regard to the relationship between the federal government, the provinces and Canadians for the 21st century, with some details of that plan. Reform's support from the West. The political situation in Ontario. Why the speaker and the Reform Party should be trusted. More comments about the seat and to whom it belongs. The Reform view.