Vladimir Putin

Willingdon, His Excellency, Viscount

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Sir William Mulock spoke first about His Excellency, Viscount Willingdon, Governor-General of Canada and presented him with a certificate of life membership in The Empire Club of Canada. His Excellency accepted the certificate, and then addressed the audience. Some remarks on the Naval Conference which is being held in London at the present time and other subjects. Impressions of the British Empire after the speaker's experience in outside parts of the Empire of some 20 years. The enormous developments within the British Empire in recent years. Some words on the countries that have become Dominions. A description of Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India. Some words on the current situation in India. The West Indies, which the speaker visited just a few weeks ago. Development towards the creation of the great Commonwealth of Nations. The future of the British Empire. The speaker's belief that Canada is going to have an enormous influence in the future.