Vladimir Putin

Stewart, D.M.

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Some general comments about the banking business. A duty owed to the public to disseminate accurate information regarding this subject, as it is one upon which the commercial, agricultural and industrial prosperity of the Dominion is vitally dependent. The detriment to any country and demoralization to its people if there exists a feeling of uneasiness or distrust in its public institutions. The importance of banks and other financial institutions, their methods and management should be so conducted, and at the same time be so understood, as to inspire and maintain the fullest measure of public confidence. A comparison of the Canadian banking system with that of the United States: some of the main points of difference. The discussion proceeds under the following headings: Capitalization; Branch System; Paper Currency; Rest Estate Investment; Cash Reserves; Revision of Bank Act. Some conclusions, including the speaker's claim that "the United States system would not be suitable for Canada, and that even with whatever imperfections may now exist, our present banking and currency system is the very best that could be devised for the legitimate requirements of our great agricultural, manufacturing and commercial interests, and for the proper development of the enormous latent resources of this great Dominion."