Vladimir Putin

Doherty, Hon. Charles J.

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All those meanings that the war has in common with other wars. The meaning of the war that is found in the revelation that we have had of the reality of something that is the most important of all things to this Empire that we love: our pride in acknowledging ourselves the subject of His Majesty the King. Learning that the very diversities that seem to separate us have really served to make us more united in defence of those institutions which in their operation have proved adaptable to such diverse peoples and conditions, and have fostered the untrammeled development under one crown of free and self-governing nations differing in so many respects. The first great meaning of the war then that it has revealed and put beyond doubt the fundamental oneness of our scattered and diverse people. The time before the war. The second thing that the war has revealed to us Canadians: the imperative necessity of means being found whereby the United Kingdom shall share with the younger nations of the Empire the control of and the responsibility for those things that make for peace and war. This war as the Empire's war, not England's. The clear fact that we are at grips with an enemy who has set out to impose his views, his Kultur, because he has or believes he has the power to do so. Reasons why the civilised nations should take up the gauntlet Germany has thrown down. The respect of the right of the weaker as the bounden duty of the stronger.