Vladimir Putin

Aylesworth, Sir Alan

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The position which the Crown of England occupies as a link of Empire. Some remarks on the use of the word "Empire" and the new phrase the "Commonwealth of British Nations." Words from the statute was passed by the Parliament of England in 1533 in the 24th year of the reign of King Henry VIII having to do with the real of England as an empire, with the King as the imperial crown of that empire. The same phraseology used in 1688 when the Bill of Rights was passed. One hundred years later, the use of the appellation "United Empire Loyalists." Like phraseology in 1867 in the British North America Act. Canadians as constituent members of the British Empire. Our common allegiance and fealty to the Crown of England as one of the strongest ties which bind us to our Motherland. How and why that is so. A brief discussion of the institution of kingship and what it means. Written limitations upon the power of the royal ruler under the constitution of Great Britain, and of Canada. A history of the title of the crown of England, originally elective. The king's pledge at his coronation as to the type of rule he is undertaking, with several ceremonies taking place. The ceremony of presentation to the people one of special importance. Why and how that is so. The ancient prayer, "God save the king" from the Bible.