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Evans, Dr. John R.

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The Wright Report from the Commission on Post-Secondary Education in Ontario (a draft report). Criticism thereof, particularly from academe. A review of the Report's significance and importance. Two major themes of the Report: accountability and participation. A review and analysis of both these themes, and suggested possible implications for the University of Toronto. A strong recommendation of the book "Towards 2000. The Future of Post-Secondary Education in Ontario" by Blishen Porter, et al., published by McClelland Stewart in Toronto. Accountability here covers financial affairs, and an assurance that public funds are being spent "efficiently and effectively." Problems with proof of those requirements; the limitations of justification of existence and methods of operation. Alternatives to post-secondary education, and their costs. How to account for research activities. Interrelated problems of accountability and change. Participation: "the involvement of those affected by decisions in the formulation or approval of these decisions." Administrative and organizational problems. Other issues: decentralization and the size of Toronto and the University of Toronto. University of Toronto as a pioneer in the development of university government.