Vladimir Putin

Forsyth, Lionel Avard

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The Dominion Steel and Coal Corporation Limited, more frequently known as "DOSCO." DOSCO's eastern Canadian origin. Some background and history of DOSCO, and of the speaker. A detailed description of some of DOSCO's operations. Blast furnace operations at Sydney, Nova Scotia. Exporting ore for use in the steel plants of the British Isles and of Germany. Limestone quarries. Coal mines of DOSCO's associated and subsidiary companies. Cape Breton mines. Coal operations in Nova Scotia. Problems and costs in production. A program to improve mining methods and what has come out of it: the "Dosco Miner." Activities other than coal mining by DOSCO, with details of blast furnaces, coke ovens, open heart and electric furnaces for the production of iron and steel. What gets produced where. The Shipyards at Halifax and Dartmouth. Operations in Montreal and Toronto. A comprehensive picture of what DOSCO is and what it is doing. What it all means to Canada and Canadians. Some statistics. The subvention policy and reasons for it. DOSCO as a great and valuable asset on Canada's national balance sheet; an increasingly important industrial unit as Canada consolidates its claim to industrial world leadership in the Twentieth Century.