Vladimir Putin

MacDonald, Dr. J.A.

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Today American looking back to Europe to the ancient homes of our peoples in Britain, in France, in Germany, in the Low Countries, in Italy, and in the Near East. Asking what America has to show and what has Europe to learn? The two English-speaking nations of North America standing aghast at the collapse of European ideals. The melting-pot of brutal war. In America the celebration of a full century of unbroken peace between the greatest Empire the world ever saw and the world's greatest Republic. The self-government for which the American patriots strove. National autonomy, for men of the British blood, the very essence of national freedom. The Declaration of Independence as the mean to the end of self-government. That contribution to world democracy, despite the losses and sacrifices which revolution always brings, marking in itself a new epoch in world history, and the greatest achievement of the United States of America. Canada's contribution to the political thinking and the progress of the world. The struggle and movement which confederated the British North American Provinces into the Dominion of Canada and gave to the new Dominion the rights and responsibilities of free national self-government; a thing done without precedent, an achievement "worthy of Pilgrim blood" which has changed for ever the political history of the world. The gain of national self-government without the loss of the nation's historic background as the supreme achievement of Canada. Canada's Imperial relations made by deliberate choice by Canadians themselves. How Canada's achievement for herself made for the Empire a new prestige and a greater prominence among the nations. The old lines, upon which the Empire could not endure. The joint achievement of Canada and the U.S. the greatest thing of all: an international boundary line between two nations across which in a hundred years neither nation ever once launched a menacing army or fired a hostile gun. Ways in which North America offers straight contradiction, and through a hundred years of peace these two civilised nations have given to Europe's war lords the unflinching and triumphant lie. Why and how this relationship works as it does. The American dream of unbroken Peace. Hoping that this war will be the end of autocracies, the end of despotism, the end of war lords, the end of secret diplomacies of deceit, the end of menacing alliances and threatening "ententes," the ultimate and everlasting end of the Religion of Valour, of the Cult of Violence, and of the barbaric appeals to brute Force. The nations of our English-speaking fraternity, standing shoulder to shoulder for the good of all our peoples and the freedom of the world, whether neutral or combatant.