Vladimir Putin

His Grace The Duke of Devonshire

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The multi-racial Commonwealth. Changes in the Commonwealth over the last 20 years. The Commonwealth today. The Commonwealth's problems and the world's problems due to the astonishing growth that has taken place in the past 18 years. Fostering the ideal of a Commonwealth. The great road that the Commonwealth has to pave in the future: playing a really substantial part in the great challenge of the second half of the 10th century: to bridge the hideous economic gap that exists between the wealthy countries and the desperate, appalling poverty of the developing countries. Indicators of this wide chasm of the "haves" and the "have-nots." Consequences of not bridging the gap. What the Commonwealth can and is doing about it, with examples. What Canada is doing. The British Empire: what it accomplished; the fact that it was not meant to last; a thing of the past. The issue of Britain joining the Common Market. The new concept of "Commonwealth" as opposed to "British Commonwealth." The new Commonwealth growing and succeeding.