Vladimir Putin

Hughes, Dr. James L.

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The speaker's introduction of the cadet system 37 years ago. The effects of this work. The benefits of the introduction of military drill into our schools. A consideration of national advantages. A recommendation of the cadet system as a substitute for conscription. A response to the criticism that the cadet system in our schools would cause the boys to develop a hatred of other nations, even our neighbouring nations. Remembering that war is not caused by soldiers but by politicians. Training as preparedness for defence of their country if and when necessary, not to create antagonism to the people of other lands. A look now at the individual benefits that come to the boy himself: physical training; control and moral training; training in patriotism; instilling a reverence for the law; revealing by military drill to every boy in a company the definite consciousness that he is responsible as an individual; instilling the ideal of co-operation of the race, co-operation of each individual with the rest of his fellows, co-operation in the company, co-operation in the city, co-operation in the State.