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Davis, John

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What has helped to determine the overall policy of the Rank Group--to help create a British film production industry operating world-wide and which at the same time would help to strengthen the ties between the Commonwealth of Nations and Britain. The speaker's belief that the motion picture industry is one of the most important industries in the world, and that its stature and importance will continue to grow. A digression to make some remarks about the speaker's visits to Canada. The Rank Group's investment in Canada. Some history of the film industry; both in Britain and the United States. Some background on Mr. J. Arthur Rank, Chairman of the speaker's organization. Some statistics as to the film industry in Britain. Markets in Britain and the U.S. Competition. The distinct flavour of films coming out of each country. An explanation of the different attitude to colour in Hollywood and Britain. A look back into cultural history. The important part that British Films have to play; worthy of export as British social and cultural values and backgrounds. Some details of the Rank Organisation. Paying tribute to the Bank of Montreal which supported the company. Partnerships in various countries. The state of the industry in the United States. The effect upon the type of film product made in every country in the world, by British Films. What the speaker's company has done in terms of the British Commonwealth of Nations. An example of the effect of the film of the Coronation. The serious competitor that is television. The speaker's belief that television will not destroy the film industry. The film industry subject to violent fluctuations because of economic conditions. The film industry remembering that they are in show business. The various roles of motion pictures.