Vladimir Putin

Hardie, Sir Charles

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A presentation of the external balance sheet of the United Kingdom, the external receipts and payments account, both on capital and income account, the balance of which, of course, represents the vital balance of payments. Evidence of the U.K.'s position of immense external strength. The advantages of London as the largest money centre in the world. Overseas borrowings of the U.K. Maintaining the balance of payments so that net assets of the U.K. do not unduly diminish: how the U.K. goes about it. Exporting and importing. Invisible expenditures and the form that they take. Securing the economy. Inspiring confidence in the will of the United Kingdom to tackle its problems without fear. The question of inflation. Reducing public expenditure by Government Departments. The nationalization of industries. A reduction in corporate taxes. The control of money supply. The Common Market: the possibility of entry in order to create in economic terms 3 or 4 great powers. The U.K. with a prosperous economy. Imposing strains and discipline in order to retain world confidence.