Vladimir Putin

Randall, Clarence B.

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The speaker's firm belief that if the businessman is to come back to leadership in the community at large, he has to get up and say what he believes; to become articulate. Is the businessman coming into his own, by which the speaker means "is he going to come into the full evaluation of his social responsibility in this critical world?" The result of the election in the United States as a vote to give the businessman a second chance. The responsibility that has come to the American business community. The 1952 steel strike. The three great modern issues involved in the steel strike: the question of inflation and wage demands; the issue of personal freedom; the issue of Constitutional Government. Bringing into sharp focus for the American people the issue of personal freedom and government by law and not by men. Evidence that the system of free enterprise works, in both Canada and the United States. The strength of the system: that it does preserve the age-old principle of incentive. The measure of the social responsibility of business. The obligations of the businessman to society. What happens in Canada when a company starts a new project, with the Noranda project at Gaspé as an example. Problems that management have to face and the reasons for them. The need for the business community to search out the meaning of freedom in its various manifestations. Dedicating all of our power, all of our capacity, every act of our daily lives to the preservation of that freedom. The address was followed by a question and answer period, which is included in this volume.