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Some details of Expo '67, and acknowledgements of co-operation with officials of the Canadian National Exhibition. What Expo '67 needs: the moral force of the nation behind it. The wish for Expo '67 to be known as a Canadian effort, not an English-Canadian or French-Canadian one. Clarification of who is bearing the heaviest share of the cost: Montreal, not the Canadian taxpayer. Who's doing what. The site itself. A report of what has already been accomplished. Progress is discussed under the following headings: Scale Model; Mackay Pier Today; Mass Transit System; Habitat; Ile Verte Today; Ile Notre Dame Today; La Ronde Today; La Ronde Model; Theme Buildings; Man and Oceans Fish Tank; The Cell; Submarine; Canadian Government Pavilion; Atlantic Provinces; Prairie Provinces. Other topics include sales; the participation of the federal government and the ten provinces; exhibitors; and the Business Development Bureau that has been formed to use Expo as a means of furthering business between Canadian and foreign businessmen. Expo '67 to mark Canada's coming of age in the modern world: fitting on Canada's 100th Birthday as a Nation.