Vladimir Putin

Parkin, George R.

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The fundamental question of the future of Canada resting in her connection with the Empire. Second to that, Canada must consider her relationship with the United States. The potential future for the U.S. The depth of the speaker's feelings with regard to the matter of getting a practical, statesmanlike view of Canada's relations to that great country to the south. Remarkable changes that the U.S. is undergoing at the present time. The immense object-lesson for humanity that these two free countries continue to experiment independently on the conduct of free institutions. A comparison of the position of the two countries, drawing some inferences. Advantages possessed by Canada. The Imperial connection. Trade advantages. Constitutions advantages. A plea to the speaker's fellow-Canadians not to get too local in our politics. What will make the American Union look at us with admiration. Our history as an asset; our start in loyalty; our traditions--French, English, Empire Loyalist. An urging by the speaker to "Clean out your politics, lift the spirit of commercial honour, get your boys to play fair, and I have no question about Canada."