Vladimir Putin

Clark, J.M.

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Treaty-making power as a large and important matter of very special interest to Canada at the present stage of her national development. Definitions of the word "nation." Ways in which Canada is not a nation. How the possession of full Treaty-making power is involved in the very idea of territorial sovereignty. Such power as regards Canada still vested in the Crown. Instances of limitations to this power. The necessity for an Act of Parliament in some cases. Examples which have involved Newfoundland. Canada's participation in consultation with Great Britain. Canada's indirect voice becoming more potent. Illustrating such advances by contrasting the composition of the Commission which negotiated the Treaty of Washington with that of the Commission appointed a few years ago and still in existence to settle differences between Canada and the United States. Reference to the Bond-Blaine Treaty between Newfoundland the United States, vetoed by the Imperial Government at the instance of Canada. The example of the denunciation of the German and Belgian Treaties. Reasons why Canada cannot obtain the full power to make her own Treaties. The issue of the Monroe Doctrine and how it may be applied with regard to Canada in the event of Canadian independence. Two distinct tendencies with regard to the British Constitution. Conditions of Imperial Unity. The evolution of an Imperial organization to deal with purely Imperial affairs. Canadians claiming the full rights and privileges of British citizenship; facing the corresponding and inevitable responsibilities and duties.

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