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Rowlands, June; Meinzer, Gerry; Hall, Barbara

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club of Toronto. A debate amongst the two mayoral candidates and the current Mayor of Toronto. Following the debate, a question period chaired by Mr. Maychak. June Rowlands The issue of market value assessment. The hallmarks of the speaker's first term as Mayor. Challenges met and achievements. A review of activities. Decreasing crime rates. Maintaining quality of life dependent on preserving safety and the prosperity of downtown Toronto. The importance of defeating market value assessment. Gerry Meinzer Restoring the reputation of Toronto. Some details of the speaker's vision for Toronto. A commitment to lower taxes for home owners and businesses. Cutting taxes by attracting new businesses. A safe city building on enterprise and opportunity. Managing resources prudently. The need for new leadership. Barbara Hall What the job of the Mayor is. The wish to take charge and make things happen again. Some personal facts. Economic vitality and how to create it. Some specifics about how City Hall operates and the need to manage it better. A city that's good to work in, and good to live in. Working with people to find real practical solutions to the challenges. Matt Maychak begins the discussion with a question about how each candidate would change his mind if he were a business person planning to leave the City of Toronto. More questions are taken from the floor.