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The promised story of the Cape to Cairo Railway and river route as it is today; a reversal of this story so that instead of taking the audience from Cape Town 7,000 miles north to the Nile and the Delta and the Mediterranean, the speaker is going to take us 7,000 miles South from the Delta and land us at Cape Town. Paying tribute to Cecil John Rhodes, a great Imperialist, a great Empire Builder who originated the project which will bring to Africa and her people from north to south, from east to west, Progress, Civilization, Prosperity and Peace. [A slide of Mr. Rhodes is shown.] Placing the members of the audience, in their imaginations, on "a fine steamer going from New York to the Mediterranean, and arriving off Northern Egypt," the speaker describes the journey that might take, complete with views from the Railway. A slide presentation accompanies this address. Many aspects of the country and its history are referred to along the way. One digression speaks to the methods of constructing the Cape Cairo Route, including much history and geography. Hopes that with this presentation, Canada and her people will be more interested than they were before and that they will know a little more about Africa than they did when they entered the room an hour ago.