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Sauvé, Her Excellency The Rt. Hon. Jeanne

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A meeting of the Loyal Societies. First, some remarks by MGen. Bruce Legge one day after Remembrance Day. The speaker's concern for youth; for the forthcoming generations and the fact that "we, as the current leaders and authorities of the day, should take time from pursuit of our own ambition to nurture, encourage and provide real opportunities for those who will succeed us." Finding jobs for the unemployed. The lack of champions for youth as a whole. Some characteristics of today's youth, and some problems that they face; the price they have paid for the benefits of progress. Satisfying two very strong and universal spiritual needs of mankind: "the need to feel you belong," and "the need to become something, to realize some hope of achieving your potential as a contributing member of the society to which you belong." A detailed review of the current situation for youth; the opportunities and challenges they face. Remarks about society's duties and responsibilities towards its youth. The danger of complacency. An appeal to the corporate world to assist youth to realize their own potential.