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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The British Canadian Chamber of Trade and Commerce. Interest in the rapidly changing electricity scene in Ontario, fuelled by the Ontario government's plan to reform the electricity sector in the province. The speaker's opinion that this is the action of a confident and prosperous community. The tremendous improvements the speaker has witnessed in the U.K. electricity sector over the last decade resulting from the progressive commercialisation of the industry and the introduction of a competitive environment. Some numbers. Benefits of the past in terms of low-cost electricity for the Province of Ontario. British Energy's response to the White Paper. The company that wants to invest in Canada's nuclear assets. How this might benefit the people of Ontario. The speaker's avowed belief in nuclear power and how it will play an essential role in helping the world achieve its Kyoto commitments. Canada as a leader in nuclear technology. Ontario at the forefront of nuclear power generation. The proposal for a Public Private Partnership regarding all 20 of Ontario Hydro's nuclear reactors. Results of public research showing that the proposal has broad appeal. A Public Private partnership that fits within the framework of the government's White Paper. An excerpt read by the speaker from the White Paper. What British Energy and PECO Energy of Philadelphia have to contribute. The relationship between British Energy and PECO Energy of Philadelphia. The collaboration in Canada to be called CanaGen Energy Inc. and its objective. Benefits of such a partnership. Closing with a quote from the Scottish equivalent of The Globe and Mail.