Vladimir Putin

Newman, Captain Bernard

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Canadian contributions to Britain, and to the war effort. Monetary gifts to Britain from Canada. The Canadian forces in Britain. The war going as well as we had any reason or right to expect, and what that really means. Low expectations. Catching up to our opponent. Timing as the very art of war. Some comments on Hitler's strategy. Britain gaining control of Irak through the gallant resistance in Greece and Crete. Getting into Syria just in time. Hitler as a very great exponent of the art of war, of timing, but not always. Some words about France. France fighting on until the end. A Second Front at the right time and in the right place. The basis of timing as a question of mobility, a question of shipping. Losses of ships. The Russian campaign and the importance of mobility. Pulling the German Air Force from Russia. New defences in Britain. The British lack of drama saved them: an anecdote. The war of minds: who is winning. Sabotage all over Europe. The V campaign as a very good psychological weapon. Effects on Germans. The importance of Canadian food to the war effort in Europe, and after the war. Stalin's "Backs-to-the-Wall" Order. Hard fighting still to come. The need to win a military victory, then a moral victory, not only in Germany, but in our own country. Isolationism: dead or dormant? The speaker's belief that we will win the war.