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The Power of Black Female Leadership

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

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The Power of Black Female Leadership

Three women, trail blazers in advancing the cause of black women in Canada, politicians from all three levels of government who spent their careers-and indeed their lives- fighting to make it better for black women and indeed all minority women in Canada.

The Empire Club has brought together Jean Augustine, Zanana Akande and Beverley Salmon to tell the story of how they fought for equal rights and the necessary legislative and behavioral changes to create a conducive climate for equal rights. In a panel discussion moderated by Gwyn Chapman, these three seasoned politicians will recount the challenges they faced in this regard, and what actually made a difference. They will also cast their eyes toward the future and discuss what challenges lay ahead for young black women in this new era of hyper partisanship.

This event is a must see for anyone who follows political life in Canada and is interested in building on past successes to move the dial forward in what many believe will be a challenging  BUT HOPEFUL future.


Gwyn Chapman, Special Advisor, Youth Engagement, to Mayor John Tory; Senior Advisor, Economic Empowerment, Anti-black Racism Unit, City of Brampton; TV producer  


Honourable Dr. Jean Augustine P.C., C.M., C.B.E., First Black Female MPP, Grenadian-Canadian Educational Administrator; Advocate for Social Justice; Politician  

Zanana Akande, First Black Female MPP, Public Service; Educator; Policy Shaper; Community Advocate  

Dr. Beverley Salmon, First Black Female City Councillor, Member of the Order of Ontario in 2016 & the Order of Canada in 2017; Community Activist